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តើលោកអ្នកដឹងទេថាលោកអ្នកអាចប្រារព្ធពិធីមង្គលការនៅកាស៊ីណូឡាក់គីរ៉ូប៊ីព្រំដែន ។

DO YOU KNOW? YOU CAN HAVE YOUR WEDDING CELEBRATION AT LUCKY RUBY BORDER CASINO? YOUR SPECIAL DAY JUST GOT MORE SPECIAL WHEN YOU’RE CELEBRATING WITH US Ah, weddings. Some say it’s the Happy Ending. Others insist it’s the Happy Beginning. Either way, it’s the best day of our love lives. It doesn’t have to be […]

អ្នកដែលនិយាយថា ជនបទពិបាក គឺមកពីមិនបានទៅដល់ទីនេះ ។​

Whoever says the countryside is lame hasn’t got here Ah, holiday trips. How we miss all those wonderful times travelling but we shall soon have them once again after we overcome Covid-19 around the world. Whether it’s your weekend retreat, your Anniversary getaway, your birthday, or your solo trip, when it comes to Cambodia, it’s […]


Find out what’s so special about this type of Jackpot The desire for a good casino table game play cannot be stopped by trivial things like distance, foreign borders, or laziness. So we got Baccarat and Bai Buu here at the Lucky Ruby Border Casino. Now, name something better than Baccarat and Bai Buu. Do […]


Why Lucky Ruby is the best place to build your career? Lucky Ruby may just help you reach your career dreams. Friends, Cambodians, foreigners, lend me your ears! I’ve come to answer the burning question inside of you right now: Why is Lucky Ruby Border Casino the best place to build your career? Okay, so […]

ឡាក់គីរ៉ូប៊ីបានចេញសេចក្តីប្រកាសផ្តល់ជូនប្រាក់ខែក្នុងខែមេសា 40%

Lucky Ruby Announces 40% Salary for the month of April The Lucky Ruby Border Casino would like to formally announce that we will be paying all our staff 40% salary for April during the nationwide temporary closure of all casinos in Cambodia  in line with efforts to curb any chance of the COVID-19 virus from […]


ANYTHING NEW HAPPENED AT LUCKY RUBY LATELY? So whats the buzz on new things happening at Lucky Ruby? Have you already heard about it? One day soon, we hope that you can visit Lucky Ruby Border Casino. We’ve come a long way since 2016, and we’ve got many, if not all, sorts of places for […]