Lucky Ruby Casino offers different types of games available such as Baccarat, Tiger & Dragon, Tai Xiu, Fan Tan and Bai Buu Games.

Players can choose the type of bet suit for them either via Cash or Chip Games. We also have Low-Limit-Tables specially prepared for smaller players who wish to join in the crowd same as for High roller players who prefer a bigger Limit tables.

Especially on our Baccarat game. In this game, we include a lot of optional bet for the players to participate like Super 6, Pair Player and Banker, Big and Small. THe minimum bet is as low as just $1 to $2.5 per game.

Player can also play in any of our cash or chip games table with 2% commission on their winning bet.

We offer cash and chips games played available in Dual Currencies (VND and USD).